West Chester 8/13/2020 5:48:29 PM
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Philadelphia Commercial Caulking Contractors Discuss Chimney Masonry Repair

West Chester, Pennsylvania ( Findit) August 13, 2020 - The Philadelphia commercial caulking contractors at Waterproof Caulking & Restoration, LLC recently created a blog post educating readers on chimney masonry repair. Homeowners may see that bricks are "spalling", meaning that the face of the brick has separated from the brick itself. Water damage can cause the structure of a chimney to deteriorate and if neglected, can be a complex repair.

The blog describes the first step is to assess the flue liner. The flue is necessary to vent smoke and hot gasses out of the home. In doing this, the flue gathers a buildup of creosote and byproducts of burning fires. This creates a risk of chimney fires, which can be very dangerous. Flues need to be inspected and cleaned to mitigate this risk.

Next, a masonry expert will be able to identify and repair cracks. Cracks allow water and moisture inside and deteriorate the cement. Once in the cracks, water can freeze and expand, causing more damage. This often happens to the chimney crown, which is the cement layer covering the flue opening at the top of the chimney. For minor cracks, waterproof sealant can serve as a repair. However, major cracks will require a partial or complete rebuilding to protect the chimney. Experts recommend replacing the chimney crown every 20 years.

Chimney masons will remove any crumbling stone and mortar that has deteriorated and replace any stones, bricks or mortar that needed to be removed. Leaves and debris also need to be removed to allow for proper ventilation and reduce fire hazards. Chimney masons will also be able to recaulk the flashing, which is where the chimney meets the roof. Flashing can deteriorate and needs to have a watertight seal to prevent water from coming into the chimney.

Chimney masons are also able to analyze threats of leaning. Chimneys which were not properly constructed, have separated from the wall, or do not have wall ties (as is the case in many older buildings), will begin to lean and eventually fall over. This can be expensive and dangerous, so it is recommended that homeowners have regular inspections done.

Speak with the professionals at Waterproof Caulking & Restoration for more information about masonry repair. The company's experienced contractors understand how to handle both modern and historic masonry, ensuring that each project is completed carefully, affordably, and perfectly. In addition to its masonry services, waterproof caulking can provide commercial caulking, waterproofing, and power washing support. Waterproof Caulking & Restoration can be contacted online at https://waterproofcaulking.com/ or by phone at 484-265-9646. Its Philadelphia location can be found at 1506 Swain Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130