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NYC Managed IT Services Provider Discusses Penetration Testing

NYC Managed IT Services Provider Discusses Penetration Testing

New York (findit) August 13, 2020 - SeaGlass Technology, a NYC managed IT services provider, has recently released a new educational resource that discusses penetration testing. The information in this article is guided by the expert IT service providers who have designed this article to be used by enterprise business owners who want to know what is penetration testing and how it can affect their IT infrastructure plans.

SeaGlass technology offers some valuable information for business owners who want to learn more about these simulated cyber attacks and how they can prepare you for the worst-case scenario and everything in between. In the article, they explain what penetration tests are, how these tests are executed, as well as the different types of simulated attacks. SeaGlass is proud to offer innovative and forward-thinking solutions for business owners who want the highest level of IT security and infrastructure that will help push the boundaries of their business's productivity and throughput.

While this new article focuses on penetration testing, the SeaGlass website also offers visitors information on their team, experience, mission, as well as a complete list of service offerings. SeaGlass technology offers business owners and IT workers managed IT services and consulting that includes remote monitoring and management, cloud services, data backup, network installation, disaster recovery, unified communications, and more. Their full suite of services can help any business tailor their IT to perfectly suit their needs and allow for impenetrable infrastructures and achieve a setup that promotes innovation and growth. SeaGlass believes in helping businesses identify the perfect tools to stimulate growth and measured improvements.

With the addition of this new article, SeaGlass hopes that enterprise business owners will have the knowledge and confidence to deploy penetration testing to identify any vulnerable points in their IT security setup. For more information, contact the IT professionals at SeaGlass today at 212-886-0790 or visit their website at Their offices are located at 500 7th Avenue, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10018.