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Classworx Is The Leading Virtual Instructor Directory Connecting Instructors with Students

With the on-set of COVID-19 and the threat that it still poses to the world at large, many people are shying away from in-person activities. This includes the way we learn, the way we shop, and the way industries at large conduct business.

Enter Classworx - the leading virtual instructor directory that helps connect instructors with students globally. In the face of COVID-19, Classworx connects students and instructors that are shying away from in-person lessons online with existing video conferencing technologies.

Classworx caters to a wide range of professors, instructors and coaches. Any instructor of nearly any skill can use Classworx to reach the students looking to learn these new skills or activities. Providers of personal instruction services can include: yoga, pilates, “spin” classes, music and art lessons, athletic coaching, cooking lessons, educational classes such as learning a new language and more. These types of classes traditionally were done in person at physical locations, but as more and more people turn to remote learning from the home or office, Classworx helps connect instructors with students worldwide.

Instructors can visit the Classworx site now to sign up for the pre-invite. The pre-invite will go out to all instructors who sign up with their email to enable them to become some of the first instructors on Classworx once the fully functional site goes live. Once live, instructors will be able to post their class schedule and connect with students who are looking to learn the skill or activity that the instructor is offering.

For more information, contact Classworx at 470-448-4734.