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Instructors Can Sign Up For The Pre Invite On Classworx The Virtual Instructor Directory

Instructors that are looking to offer their classes virtually can join the leading virtual instructor directory, Clasworx. Available now for the pre-invite, instructors can visit Classworx today and submit their email to be included in the pre-invite for when the site goes live. Classworx is a virtual instructor directory that helps connect students with instructors across the globe for virtual classes. Sign up for the pre-invite at Classworx.com.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated and “institutionalized” the use and adaption of remote instructions to all corners of the world in an unprecedented short time frame. Many industries have moved to virtual working; educational sectors have turned to online teaching and many people are choosing to skip in-person activities in favor of remote or virtual learning. Even after COVID-19 is gone, remote delivery of instruction is likely to remain and Classworx will help connect instructors with students looking to learn remotely from their home, office or on the go using existing video conferencing software.

Any instructor for nearly any skill will be able to use the Classworx platform to post their class schedule and instruct or teach their activities to students wishing to learn the skills or activities that the instructor is providing. This can include cooking lessons, music and voice lessons, fitness and yoga, teaching a second language, home staging services, and much more.

The Classworx site is live now available for instructors to submit their email for the pre-invite. All instructors who sign up for the pre-invite will be invited to become some of the first instructors on the Classworx virtual instructor directory.

For more information, contact Classworx at 470-448-4734.