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ATWEC Technologies INC Manufactures Child Safety Alert Systems For School Buses and Daycare Vehicles

Day care centers and elementary schools that use school buses or other child transportation vehicles can have ATWEC Technologies install a new KiddieSystem child safety alert device to help ensure no child is left, forgotten or abandoned on the vehicles. Everyday thousands of children are transported from schools and field trips where the ability to leave a child on the bus is present. Contact us today for more information at 901-435-6849.

Our child safety alert system for school buses, daycare vehicles or other child transportation vehicles reminds and forces the driver of the vehicle to check for forgotten children every time the vehicle is turned off. The system is armed when the vehicle is powered on and activates when power is turned off. When the alarm sounds, the only way to de-activate the alarm, depending on the type of vehicle, is to go to the back of the bus, checking each seat on the way, to disarm the system.

The KiddieSystem child alert safety device for school buses is designed to ensure no child is left behind, abandoned or forgotten on the school bus. Oftentimes, children can fall asleep or forget to get off the bus at their scheduled stop. The KiddieSystem is designed to ensure that when the bus is being turned in for the evening, retired, or turned off for an extended period of time, that the driver of the vehicle manually checks for students to disarm the child alert system.

Contact ATWEC Technologies today for more information about our KiddieSystem child alert safety alarm for school buses and day care vehicles. This system is designed for all types of vehicles large or small and can help save a child’s life. Get in touch with us today at 901-435-6849 for more information.