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Order The Child Alert Safety System for School Buses from ATWEC Technologies INC

ATWEC Technologies Inc manufactures child safety alert systems for child transportation vehicles. Available for long school buses, short school buses, daycare vans and other child transportation vehicles, the KiddieSystem child alert safety system helps ensure no child is left behind when a vehicle is powered down. For more information get in touch with ATWEC Technologies INC to discuss our KiddieSystem for your child transportation vehicles.

The KiddieSystem is designed to force a manual check of the vehicle every time the vehicle is powered down. Our child safety alert system for school buses, daycare vehicles or other child transportation vehicles reminds and forces the driver of the vehicle to check for forgotten children every time the vehicle is turned off because the system is automatic.

The system is armed when the vehicle is powered on and activates when power is turned off. When the alarm sounds, the only way to de-activate the alarm, depending on the type of vehicle, is to go to the back of the bus, checking each seat on the way, to disarm the system.

Because the system arms automatically every time the vehicle is powered on and activates every time the vehicle is powered down, the likelihood of a child being left, forgotten or abandoned on an equipped vehicle is very small.

Our KiddieSystem can be installed in a wide range of vehicles from shorter daycare buses to longer school buses and other vans and traditional child transportation vehicles.

For more information about our child safety alert system, the KiddieSystem, get in touch with ATWEC Technologies. Remember, our child alert safety system is designed for all types of vehicles large or small and can help save a child’s life. Get in touch with us today at 901-435-6849 for more information.