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Sign Up For the Pre-Invite On The Best Virtual Instructor Directory ClassWorx Today

In an age where more and more people are turning to virtual learning and instruction as a result of COVID-19, instructors looking to offer their classes virtually can sign up for the pre-invite to ClassWorx, the leading virtual instructor directory. COVID-19 has changed the way that many people conduct business, learn, and engage in activities. ClassWorx helps connect instructors with students who wish to learn remotely via existing video conferencing technologies to avoid in-person classes or lessons. Instructors can visit ClassWorx.com now to sign up for the pre-invite.

As a result of the continuing pandemic, more and more people and industries are turning to virtual and remote learning. ClassWorx is set up to connect students with instructors virtually that are offering a wide range of lessons or classes for all types of subjects and skills.

Instructors can offer various lessons for: yoga, pilates, or “spin” classes, music and art lessons, athletic coaching, cooking lessons, educational classes such as learning a new language and more.  Any skill or lesson or even project that was conducted in-person that can be offered via video conferencing software is able to be offered on ClassWorx.

With the pre-invite now live, instructors can visit ClassWorx today to sign up for the pre-invite with their email. Once the site goes live, the instructors that have signed up for the pre-invite will be able to be some of the first instructors on ClassWorx to offer their classes to students.

Connect with students on a global scale on ClassWorx, visit ClassWorx.com and call 470-448-4734 for more information.