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After Dr Dre dropped her for Eminem, Eve was "Devastated"

The Ruff Ryders Chronicles have given us an insight to some of the most celebrated groups in Hip Hop history, including the rise of Eve. Originally working as an exotic dancer, Eve is the definition of a hustler who is a true rags to riches story. Once upon a time she received an unexpected invite to fly to LA to record her demo - that tape ended up finding its way into the hands of none other than Dre. While Dr. Dre always drops fresh beats, if you're looking to represent as fresh as ice without a load of stacks, HipHopBling.com has you covered in custom jewelry. 

Originally she inked a deal with Aftermath, but the worked was cut short unexpectedly - turns out Eminem was the new hotness and the Dr. didn't have time for Eve. 

"I remember that when I was working with Dre, Eminem did get signed," said Eve. "I would literally show up to studio sessions that I wasn't supposed to be at where I knew Dre was gonna be and be like, 'So, when am I recording? When are you gonna put me in a song? What's going on?' I think he got sick of that and then I got dropped eight months later... I was devastated."

She returned to her mom's house defeated, but life had more in store for her- a spot with Ruff Ryders was in the works, and she's never looked back. 


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