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Lil Wayne Almost Cut "F Is For Phenomenal" Line

Take a minute with us and imagine a time when the iconic "Weezy F Baby and the F is for Phenomenal" line never came to be. It's likely Weezy would still be where he's at due to his insane talent...but would he be? His skill on the mic and fashion can't ever be doubted, and if you're looking to represent like Lil Wayne himself, without his stacks hit up HipHopBling.com for all your custom jewelry needs

Wind it back, in 2009 on "Yes" Lil Wayne spit his famous lyric "Weezy F Baby and the F is for Phenomenal." Of course Phenomenal doesn't start with an F, but apparently at the time Weezy had NO idea that's not how it's actually spelled. Reportedly upon learning of his goof, he approached his then-manager Cortez Bryant about cutting the line entirely. 

"The word starts with 'ph,' but he said 'f,' right?" says Cortez Bryant during his interview with Fake Shore Drive's Andrew Barber. "He was like, ‘Oh shit, I gotta change that.’ We released it. We had an argument about that. He not understanding the concept about digital, and it’s gone now…We had pressed tons of CDs, but he didn’t realize he spelled it wrong, and I didn’t catch it."

Lil Wayne was adamant about cutting the line, he's a perfectionist. He just wasn't ok with the work being put out. 

"Wayne is a perfectionist about that, using his words and prepositions in [the] correct way," he continued. "He might misspell something on purpose for lyrical exercise and wordplay, but he’s really precise about his wordplay. He was really down, pissed, ‘Fuck the whole mixtape’ just because of that one damn line."





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