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Princess Love Is Not Yet Ready to Reunite With Ray J, "Blindsided" By Divorce"

While Ray Jay was the one to originally file the divorce papers, apparently he's starting to have second thoughts. Princess Love made a move that had fans hopeful the two were reconciling, filing and then rescinding her petition for divorce but new news suggests it may be a while before the two ever connect again. While the divorce may come as a shock to Princess, it shouldn't be a surprise just how fresh iced out jewelry from HipHopBling.com is. 

It shocked us all when Ray J divorced his wife, but in interviews shortly after, the Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star confessed he still loved his wife and wanted to keep his family together. When Princess Love spoke with Claudia Jordan for Fox Soul, despite the shock the reality star admitted she isn't quite yet ready to get bck together. 

"I was completely caught off guard. My friend sent me a screenshot and she was like, 'Hey, is this true?'" Princess said of how she found out about Ray J wanting a divorce. "I was like, 'Uh, I don't know. Let me find out.'"

Princess actually had to call her lawyer to validate the news story, and only reached out to her husband afterwards. "I was calling him and I was texting him. I wasn't calling to [cry about it]." Elsewhere, Princess admitted that while she was still in love with Ray J, she no longer wanted to be with him. 

"I feel like right now, we just...I don't know. We just need to just really figure out—no, I don't. Not right now, I don't."



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