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Germantown HVAC Company Educates On How To Choose The Best AC Unit In 2020

Germantown HVAC Company Educates On How To Choose The Best AC Unit In 2020

Gaithersburg, Maryland (findit) September 25, 2020 - The Germantown HVAC Company, Presidential Heating & Air, recently created a blog post educating readers on how to choose the best AC unit for them in 2020. The blog reviews top, and some up-and-coming, brands in the air conditioning industry. It goes on to review what to look for in an AC unit to make the best fit for the individual buyer.

The blog begins by comparing the top 5 brands in air conditioning units on the market in 2020. The first listed is Trane, which is known for high-quality products. Trane builds their own coils and compressors and have a high-energy rating, making them a premium product with a matching price tag. Their units are also made with a modern and sleek design.

Next is Amana, which builds all units in the U.S. Amana offers a mid-range and affordable range of units for the average American family. They are also rated with high-efficiency and offer a few models with smart technology.

Carrier, like Trane, is a premium choice in brands and a pricier choice, but has been an industry leader for decades and the top quality to show for it. Carrier has a great reputation and has been one of the highest-rated brands consistently. Lennox is known for their availability of energy-efficient units and has the highest energy rating on the market. These units also come in a wide price range, allowing for a good choice for any budget. Rheem is an up-and-coming brand in the AC unit market, as they have usually been known for their water heaters. However, their products are efficient and come in budget-friendly prices.

Energy efficiency should be a huge consideration for all potential buyers. This is important both for the environment as well as keeping down the costs in energy bills. There are three symbols that denote different aspects of every unit's energy efficiency. First, SEER and EER stickers tell how much electricity is needed to run at a rate of 95 degrees outside and 80 degrees inside and are a good indicator of how the unit will operate in different seasons. Buyers should also look for an EnergyStar certified unit, which is a government-backed rating on efficiency.

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a new AC unit, and buyers want to know their choice will be a long-lasting investment into their home. The experts at Presidential Heating & Air can help with the choice and installing any unit. Contact the professionals at Presidential Heating & Air at (301) 900-5559 or by visiting