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Megan Thee Stallion Makes A Statement With Her Jewelry

It's been an interesting year for Megan Thee Stallion, beyond the events on the global stage. With two #1 songs sitting at the top of the Billboard Charts, "WAP" and "Savage" mark the first time in her career she's charted so high. Along with her upcoming debut album, Megan has hustled up several new partnerships including one with Revlon. Looking to partner with HipHopBling.com as an ambassador or affiliate? We offer many benefits to partners and we'd love to have you.

Haunting her from 2020 though is the incident of her shooting, and the entire ordeal that's following. After 2 months of silence, her shooter released a toxic album to profit off of the whole event. 


"Hot Girl Meg" has decided to power through it all like a trooper though, focusing on the extreme positives 2020 has brought her. Megan's drowning out the disrespect from all angles with a brand new set of rings that spell out "fuck you." If you're looking for your own custom jewelry, be sure to hit us up at HipHopBling.com for your own custom pieces. 

Megan posted an image displaying the new rings with a single caption saying "Mood." 

Her inbox has been filled messages of support, and she's riding the high, living her best life and displaying it with some beautiful new pieces. Whom could blame her?