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Bryson Tiller And Fans Preview New Drake "Anniversary" Album

Bryson Tiller fans got the opportunity of a lifetime, the chance to preview the entirety of Drake's new album before it drops. While fans would have only had to wait until Friday morning, Tiller decided to give back to all the real ones whom have been there throughout his career. If you're looking to gift the real ones in your own life, do so with premium hip hop jewelry made custom to them at HipHopBling.com. 

To this day T R A P S O U L is still celebrated as one of the best, and the vibes are there. A few eager fans managed to cap recordings of parts of the album, including a brand new Drake feature "Outta Time." 

In the recording we can hear Drake laying down lyrics that reminded us why he's Tha 6 God. Fans couldn't get enough of the new project, even though "Outta Time" has been posted before. Even before hitting the streams, "Anniversary" is certified fire. When you bring fire and ice together, worlds collide - run the game with your own piece of custom jewelry from HipHopBling.com