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Rick Ross Pops Off With New Teeth

Over 44 years of life on this earth we've rarely seen Rick Ross smile in pictures - it's possible, nigh likely that he's had some pain and insecurities regarding his teeth. If you're in the same boat, consider some gold grillz from HipHopBling.com, the premier hip hop jewelry provider online. 

Thankfully, money and a good doctor can fix these things. Recently, Rick Rozay posted a picture of himself hopping on a private flight to Columbia to fix his chops up right, with the world renown Dr. Mario Montoya. After a six hour procedure, Ross left the country with a brand new smile. 

From his massive smile below, we know just what a success the operation was. He was also wearing the same outfit that the internet was clowning him on as fake. 

What's most exciting is that the entire procedure didn't cost Ross a dime. Normally such a procedure would top $10K. If you're looking to drop a few dimes instead of a few bags, hit up HipHopBling.com for your very own custom jewelry



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