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Discover The Best Premium Emu Oils For Sale Online At Emuoil.com From LB Processors

Looking for the best quality AEA certified emu oils for sale? LB Processors sells high quality AEA certified grade A emu oil online that are produced at our Tennessee facility. It is at this facility that we produce various grades of our high quality EMU Oils. Many of our EMU oils are AEA certified and come with the seal for fully refined oils from the American EMU Association. Browse our selection online today and call 615-746-8485 for assistance with your order.

LB Processors operates a state of the art, FDA registered facility in Chapmansboro Tennessee were we produce between 8,000 to 10,000 gallons of high quality EMU oil that we sell in various grades to bulk buyers and use to create the products that we sell on our retail site, emuoil.com. All of our EMU oils are available for wholesale purchase and you can browse our great selection of retail products through our Country Divine line on emuoil.com.

We only sell premium EMU oils that are fully refined and free of soy, gluten and parabens. Moreover, we handle the entire production process for our EMU oils to control quality, consistency and safety of our products. Our emu oil contains a complete balance of fatty acids such as Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9, which all play a part in nearly every function of the human body.

Our newest site, emuoil.com has replaced our previous site, lbemuoil.com to create a better shopping experience for our customers. Customers who have shopped with us before will enjoy the new and enhance shopping experience that emuoil.com offers compared to our old site, lbemuoil.com. Our emu oils can be purchased for personal use as a skin moisturizer, applying daily after a shower for maximum effect and once again before bed. Contact our formulation specialists today for more information at 615-746-8485 and get assistance with your order.