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OTC Tip Reporter Offers Investor Relations Packages to NASDAQ and NYSE Trading Companies Highlights Easterly Government, ISM, and Wayfair

OTC Tip Reporter offers investor relations packages to NASDAQ and NYSE trading companies that are looking to improve exposure and get their news in front of potential investors.

Today we are sharing three alerts from three companies: Easterly Government, ISM Manufacturing, and Wayfair

Easterly Government issues brighter outlook after Q3 miss
- Easterly Government Properties (DEA +0.2%) boosts its 2020 guidance to at least meet the consensus estimate and introduces 2021 guidance that exceeds consensus.

ISM Manufacturing jumps to 59.3, highest since September 2018
- October ISM Manufacturing Index: 59.3 vs. 55.7 consensus, 55.4 prior.

Wayfair rallies into tomorrow's earnings report
- Credit Suisse heads into Wayfair's (W +4.2%) Q3 earnings report with an Outperform rating and price target of $321 on the online retailer with a positive view on home improvement demand.

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