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Yaya Mayweather & NBA YoungBoy Have A Massive Baby Shower

For a hot minute now the rumor mill was swirling about whispers of Floyd Mayweather's daughter Yaya Mayweather having a child with NBA YoungBoy. Over time Yaya ended up confirming the rumor, and recently shared the first few images of her baby bump. NBA has plenty of kids and plenty of ice already, but if you're looking to score fresh cut diamonds for yourself at a reasonable price, make sure to hit up HipHopBling.com today. 

NBA YoungBoy is confirmed father of 5 children already, to different women and it appears Yaya is the latest. While the two have had their ups and downs in their relationship, but they recently shared a baby shower video that was themed all blue, the gender of their newest addition. 

Yaya hopped on IG live to post photos of the event plus some quality family time playing games. It's currently unclear when the delivery date is expected to be, but based on the photos it's likely to be soon. It's also unclear if YoungBoy attended the baby shower, and what their relationship status overall is. Both are facing legal issues, with YoungBoy under investigation for assault and Yaya recently stabbed one of NBA's other baby mamas. A match made in heaven.



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