Columbia 11/16/2020 9:25:08 PM
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King Von's Family Hold Funeral Services, Fans Offer Prayers To Family

The once bright light of King Von has faded to nothing now, though he will always be remembered. His death came as a shock to all music fans, especially after he had just released his latest project Welcome To O'Block. He was considered to be a standout and a rising star - regrettably no longer. This project showed off his sharp flows and inherent whit, showing just how much potential Von truly had. If you're looking to fulfill your own potential, hit up today for the illest ice online. 

An ongoing investigation has already yielded multiple arrests and charged filed against the alleged killer. While these may offer little comfort, at least they're something. Von's family held a private funeral and mourned to themselves. 

Many artists took to social to mourn his passing, and Asian Doll his girlfriend has been posting multiple tributes in his honor. Artists were joined by fans in wishing the family the best and giving their prayers. A young light gone too soon. 





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