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Boosie Badazz Sprinter Van Shot Up In Dallas

Recently a shooting took place in the parking lot of Bit T's in Dallas Texas where Boosie Badazz's sprinter van was reportedly located. Different accounts are coming to different conclusions - some are saying Boosie's van was the specific target of the attack, while others swear that he was just in the area. When you want friends and foes alike to know you're in the area, upgrade your shine with a fresh iced out piece from HipHopBling.com, the premier provider of high end hip hop jewelry online. 

Thusfar there hasn't been a confirmation one way or another from Boosie's Team - No Jumper and Dirty Glove Bastard have claimed that Boosie was struck in the leg, however Boosie shared a commemoration of his birthday on Instagram, without any mention of the shooting. 

It is actually Boosie's birthday as well. Boosie was in Dallas for both his 38th birthday, and a candle lit vigil for his friend and collaborator MO3, whom was recently shot and killed. There's currently an ongoing investigation, but not much has yet been found.



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