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Smashtag: Easy, Accurate, and Reliable Temperature Monitoring

Smashtag takes pride in their easy-to-use and efficient temperature data logger devices. They have a team of professional agents who continuously ensure all of their clients with nothing but hassle-free and accurate data loggers.

Their products can be easily connected to mobile devices via Bluetooth, allowing the users to control the data logger via a downloadable app which the company provides for their clients. The user can view and install loggers, activate subscribers or receivers of the temperature information, and display historical temperature data through the app. Their products are also waterproof with an IP68 rating, which means that their data loggers could be used in water as deep as 1.5m. Moreover, their items can gather temperature data ranging from -30C to +70C.

The company offer their temperature data loggers to companies operating in a wide variety of industries, such as pharmaceutical and life science, fresh produce, frozen foods, and refined foodstuffs. Their products capture environmental temperature data for the field in which the goods are processed. They provide online access to these records, which ensures that they won't have to be physically present at the location to gather the information they need. This is especially relevant to pharmaceutical industries where products are prone to become damaged due to temperature sensitivity.  

Their products are programmed to capture data before 64,000 readings have been logged or the battery has run dry. It is built to last for at least 45 days after resting on the shelf for 12 months. This also means that clients may reuse them over and over again until 64,000 readings have been recorded in the device. Moreover, they were built with recyclability and comparatively low environmental effect in mind. The cells used to manufacture these products are zinc-manganese alkaline, both lead-free and mercury-free, as compared towards the more highly polluting form of lithium. Clients may ship their used data loggers so that Smashtag can re-calibrate, re-test, reprogram and remanufacture them into new items.

Aside from that, Smashtag was formed to fix challenges and to make widely accessible and high-quality products. To all interested individuals and business owners, you may visit their website at https://smashtag. global/ to know more about their available products.

About Smashtag

Established in 2018, Smashtag is one of the emerging producers of data loggers in the United Kingdom right now. There are a lot of temperature control tools on the market, but they've built their products to be as easy to use as possible. They are actively improving their products and have targeted enhancements to ensure that their products are best suited to their clients' requirements. If you have any questions, you may visit https://smashtag.global/contact to fill out their contact form. Alternatively, you may also call one of their representatives at 01223 881881 to schedule an introductory session with them.