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Findit App and Website Displays All Posts in Chronological Order; Findit Does Not Hide Yours and or Friends Posts with Annoying Algorithms

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / December 17, 2020 / Findit, Inc. (OTC PINK:FDIT) owner of Findit.com and the Findit Right Now App, that enables each and every one of its members to post content through their Findit account from the App or the website without being censored, unless it is deemed pornographic or terroristic, has updated the Global and Friend Follower Feed in the latest Findit App update.

Findit, which recently launched a newer, sleeker version of its App in Apple and Google App stores, made an additional update to the newer version of the App related to the feed. The feed in the Findit app and on the web consists of posts that are made by Findit members. Each member can create posts from their Findit account that can include a plethora of content all in one post. From the latest version of the App, the content that can be included in one post consists of unlimited characters to describe what your post is about (no word or character limit), pictures in the designated picture section (unlimited pictures) that includes a place to write in text form a title and description of each picture you upload. This option, which the Findit team highly recommends, is necessary to get your pictures indexing in search engines; without adding text to your images under the title and description, Findit, Google, Yahoo and Bing will not and cannot index the images.

In addition to adding an unlimited number of pictures in one post, members can also include a video. With the video feature, the member has two options - they can shoot a video up to 15 seconds from their phone directly into the post or they can grab a link of a video from Youtube and copy and paste it into the designated video link section. This is separate from the link each member can also include in one post from the new Findit App. The designated Link feature allows each member to provide a link in their Right Now post if they want that can drive traffic to a specific web page. It is important to place the link in the designated link portion of the Right Now post. Links put in the content section will not be hyperlinked making them unclickable. The other feature members can now include, which the Findit team is incredibly excited about is the Before and After pictures section. Important to know - this is separate and in addition to adding pictures in the same Right Now post. Each Before and After picture can also have a title, again this is needed for members who want their pictures to be indexed in Findit and Google under images. The Before and After feature can be used by each and every member in each and every post if they choose. The Findit team has identified types of members who can really generate a nice buzz using the Before and After feature while increasing their search results and reach through shares to other social networking sites.

Here are the Top 10 Types of Members the Findit Team has Identified to Benefit immensely from the Before and After Feature

  1. Weight Loss Members / Fitness
  2. Painters can display their work
  3. Hairdressers can really show off their skills
  4. Landscapers can display how good your grounds can look
  5. Nail Salons Before and After pictures will really display their talent
  6. Chefs will be able to display their ingredients to their finished dish
  7. Yoga practitioners can post their improvements in their poses
  8. General Contractors post Before and After pictures of their remodeling jobs
  9. Auto Body shops post pictures of the wreck of the car to the makeover
  10. Plastic Surgeons and Dentists can also show off their makeovers

What makes the Findit feed on Findit different from other social networking feeds, is that the Findit feed displays each and every post in the global feed and your friends and followers feed in chronological order. This means Findit does not bury posts from some of your friends or followers, thinking we know more than you about what you want to see. We show each and every one of your posts that you do too, to each and every one of your friends and followers along with displaying it the global feed, so that you can pick up new followers that otherwise may not even know you exist without seeing your amazing posts.

The newly added Before and After feature that is currently available on the Findit App is not available on the website version of the Right Now. On the website version of the Right Now, Findit offers additional features that are not available to include in posts on the App one of which is: including an audio file in a post that has been uploaded into your Findit account. The audio feature is available on the website version and can enhance a post for artists and members that want to share audio files, which also includes podcasts.


Findit App provides visitors and members the ability to Share posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Parler and other social networking sites. Be sure to Share all of Your Findit Posts to your social networking accounts.

Download the Findit app today and let the world see what you have to say and share with them.


Findit does not censor posts that adhere to our guidelines. Censorship in Findit only occurs if and when content created is deemed pornographic or terroristic content. Findit does not censor opinions that may be different than someone else's or flat out stupidity. Findit's approach and reasoning to this is we want people to know who the uninformed people are; we do not want to delete their posts. We think it's just as important to know who writes and says uninformed things as it is to see who writes and says intelligent or informed things. Our members can decide who they want to follow and who they don't. No one forces you to follow someone who you think posts stupid ideas or smart ones; we leave that up to each and every member to decide.

About Findit, Inc.

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