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Findit Features Members Chef Paul Gerard, Regan Patterson, and Elle Valentine Who Would All Benefit From Using Newly Launched Findit App

ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / December 18 , 2020 / Findit, Inc. a Nevada Corporation (OTC PINK:FDIT) owner of Findit.com, a full service social networking management platform which provides online marketing services which recently launched its newest version of the App in both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, is featuring three members on Findit: Chef Paul Gerard, Regan Patterson and Elle Valentine, all of whom have claimed their name(s) on Findit with Findit URLs that match their name or how they are known on other social media platforms such as Instagram.

Findit, with its recent launch of its newer, sleeker version of the Findit App in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, is giving social media users more control over the content they wish to create and the content that they wish to see. Some of the newest features to the Findit Right Now App are the ‘Before and After Feature' where users can select a Before Photo and an After Photo in the designated areas while also providing a title and description for each photo. This is separate from the photo section of the right now posts, where users can include as many photos that they wish. Members of Findit also have the option of sorting the feed to show just the posts of the people or accounts they are following vs the Global Feed, which displays every post created on Findit in chronological order.

What makes the Findit feed on Findit different from other social networking feeds, is that the Findit feed displays each and every post in the global feed and your friends and followers feed in chronological order. This means Findit does not bury posts from some of your friends or followers with algorithms that predict which content you'd rather see over other content. We show each and every one of your posts that you do too, to each and every one of your friends and followers along with displaying it the global feed, so that you can pick up new followers that otherwise may not even know you exist without seeing your amazing posts.

With the latest features added to the Findit App coupled with the intentional lack of algorithms in place, Findit is set up to assist social media users, individuals, businesses, influencers, celebrities, artists and more with not only reaching more people but ensuring that the content you spend time creating actually gets seen by the people that want to see what you are posting.

In today's release, Findit is highlighting three Findit members who could benefit greatly from using the newly released Findit App, available in both the Google Play Store an Apple App Store.

Our first featured member, Chef Paul Gerard, is a father, a chef, a writer, a designer, a New Yorker and a restaurateur that is keeping the fire burning at Antique Bar and Bakery. Chef Paul's love of food is evident in his unique eats that he brings to the Hoboken Community at Antique Bar and Bakery which is located at 122 Willow Avenue, Hoboken New Jersey 07030 which serves up fresh salads, great meats and fish in an inviting atmosphere with delicious desserts. Chef Paul Gerard could use the Before and After feature to show before and after photos of all the ingredients used to make his amazing dishes.

Follow Chef Paul Gerard and Antique Bar and Bakery on Findit and Instagram



Our next featured member, Regan Patterson, is a Certified Fitness Nutritionist and personal trainer that has been using the Findit platform to share her healthy lifestyle and weightless journey since May of 2018. Prior to sharing her content on Findit, Regan Patterson, found on Instagram under the handle ‘Regan_Patterson", had about 20,000 followers. Now, the Certified Fitness Nutritionist is up to ~59,600 followers at the time of this release. She has utilized the Findit platform to share her amazing recipes, her health and wellness tips, workouts, favorite workout clothes, grocery hauls and her favorite meals, all of which coincide with her passion for living a healthy lifestyle centered around effective fitness. Regan often shares 'Before and After' photos on Instagram showing and explaining her weightloss journey, a feature that is built right into the recently launched Findit App.

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Our final featured member is Lindsay Valentine, also known as Elle Valentine Health on Instagram. Elle Valentine, a health and wellness activist, has been using the Findit® platform to share her healthy and positive lifestyle since May of 2018. Prior to sharing her content on Findit, Elle Valentine had about 800 followers. Now, the Holistic Health Practitioner is up to ~5662 followers at the time of this release. She has utilized the Findit platform to share her amazing recipes, her health and wellness tips, her grocery hauls, and her favorite meals, all of which coincide with her passion for living a healthy lifestyle. Elle Valentine regularly shares her favorite recipes and often the steps to create them. Before and After Photos could help show her fans and followers just what her recipes look like at every step of the process.
Follow Elle Valentine Health on Findit and Instagram 

Clark St. Amant of Findit stated, "As we continue to update the Findit app, giving our members and users more power and flexibility over how they create content and how they view the content they want to see, the Findit app becomes more and more relevant for individuals, social media users and influencers and businesses or anyone who is wanting more control over the content they create and less interference from social media sites that use algorithms to control their content feeds. By claiming your name on Findit for your own name, the products or services you provide, or what you are passionate about and using the Findit App to post on the go, utilizing the latest features, you can get the most out of the time you spend on social media to reach your target audiences and interact with your existing followers."

Claim your Name on Findit today with a Findit URL. Findit URLs are $9.95 per month and each name only exists once on Findit. There is no limit to the number of URLs that you can have and URLs that are not renewed on a monthly basis do have the ability to be claimed by other people or businesses.

Findit App provides visitors and members the ability to Share posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Parler and other social networking sites. Be sure to Share all of Your Findit Posts to your social networking accounts.

Download the Findit app today and let the world see what you have to say and share with them.


Findit does not censor posts that adhere to our guidelines. Censorship in Findit only occurs if and when content created is deemed pornographic or terroristic content. Findit does not censor opinions that may be different than someone else's or flat out stupidity. Findit's approach and reasoning to this is we want people to know who the uninformed people are; we do not want to delete their posts. We think it's just as important to know who writes and says uninformed things as it is to see who writes and says intelligent or informed things. Our members can decide who they want to follow and who they don't. No one forces you to follow someone who you think posts stupid ideas or smart ones; we leave that up to each and every member to decide.

Want to become a featured member on Findit? Contact us today for more information at 404-443-3224 or email clark@findit.com.

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