Somerset 1/5/2021 4:01:40 AM
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New York Water Treatment Company Discusses The Topic Of Bag Filtration

Somerset, New Jersey (findit ) January 5, 2021 - Tower Water recently released a new educational resource that answers the question, "what is bag filtration?". The new article was designed by the NYC water filtration experts at Tower Water who have experience helping provide homeowners and businesses the highest level of HVAC and water treatment services. They have designed this piece to help business owners that need filtration understand what bag filtration is and why it can be a great and cost-effective option.

Tower Water offers some very useful information for readers who are looking for a new filtration option. The article provides information for those who want to learn more about what bag filtration is and how it can be an effective filtration solution. In the article, the team at Tower Water goes over the different aspects of bag filtration, how it is an effective filtration solution, how contaminants get stuck in the bag, why it costs less to run bag filtration, and more. They explain how this type of filter has a higher velocity that can flow through the surface area of the vessel and how they are generally inexpensive and easily cleanable. Their HVAC and filtration experts take pride in helping clients learn how they can reduce contaminants, costs, and the chances of harmful bacteria buildup.

While this new article focuses on bag filtration, Tower Water's website also provides information regarding their team, experience, mission, as well as a full list of service offerings. Tower Water offers filtration and HVAC solutions that include water treatment assessments, HVAC water treatments, specialty pipe cleanings, legionella compliance, and filtration/water quality consultations and assessments.

With the addition of this new article, Tower Water hopes that readers will have a better understanding of the benefits that bag filters provide and what type of systems benefit best from them. They hope it will help business owners save valuable time and money when choosing their new filtration system for their business. For more information, contact Tower Water today at 212.518.6475 or visit their website at Their headquarters are located at 5 Shirley Avenue in Somerset, NJ 08873.