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VA Wholesale Lumber Supplier Discusses Timeline Of Marine Grade Plywood

VA Wholesale Lumber Supplier Discusses Timeline Of Marine Grade Plywood

Springfield, Virginia (findit ) January 5, 2021 - Curtis Lumber and Plywood, a Virginia wholesale lumber supplier, recently released a new article that discusses the timeline of marine grade plywood and what factors can affect the aging process. The article is guided by the expert wood suppliers at Curtis Lumber & Plywood who have worked with this type of wood firsthand and know exactly how it ages and what factors can affect the aging process. They have designed this article to be used by contractors who want to understand how this wood reacts to certain environments and how this can affect their projects.

Curtis Lumber & Plywood offers valuable information for contractors who may need to use marine-grade plywood in their next project and need to know its timeline, as well as what environmental and chemical factors can impact the quality of the plywood. In the article, they explain what factors affect the marine-grade plywood timeline, the quality of the plywood, how moisture plays a role and what chemicals and treatments are typically used. The team at Curtis Lumber & Plywood believes in helping contractors not only find the right supplies for any job but also educating them on how to properly handle and prepare their materials.

While this new article focuses on marine-grade plywood, the Curtis Lumber & Plywood website also provides visitors with information regarding their team and experience as a company, in addition to a full list of service and product offerings. Curtis Lumber & Plywood offers treated products including CCA, copper azole, Micro-Guard®, Pyro-Guard® and Exterior Fire-X™ as well as plywood products that include ACX, MDO, and southern yellow pine. Curtis Lumber & Plywood takes pride in offering the highest quality products that can help contractors get the job done right and with properly sourced, durable, and perfectly matched materials.

With the addition of this new article, Curtis Lumber & Plywood hopes that contractors will have a better idea of how the timeline of marine-grade plywood works and the different factors that can affect it. For more information, contact Curtis Lumber & Plywood today at 703-972-1947 or visit their website at https://www.clp-inc.com/. Their headquarters are located at 7351 Highland St. in Springfield, VA 22150.