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How to Become a Better Android App Developer?

A software developer is one of the best-paid jobs today. However, not all developers are well paid. You need to work hard to become a successful Android developer and in this post, we’ll share some tips that will undoubtedly help you become an expert in this niche. Get comfortable and have a look!


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Learn More the Android Framework Internals

You need to make yourself familiar with the actual framework code. Unfortunately, not all developers dive deep into the Android framework internals. But that’s a huge mistake. When you learn more about this theme, you’ll see how things work and how different pieces of code fit together. Simply put, you have to learn more about the inner workings of the Android SDK.

Use Libraries

One of the essential rules of Object-Oriented Programming is increasing the reuse of codes. In doing so, you’ll surely be more effective and spend less time on repetitive tasks. In fact, it’s a significant approach, but unfortunately, many beginning programmers don’t follow it. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel and write every code on your own. You should use a tested library instead and when you finally have a complete idea, you may replace the library with your own code. In doing so, there’s no need to reinvent everything and you also don’t rely on foreign code.

You Can’t Learn Everything, Admit It

The thing is that the theme of Android development is really broad. It is impossible to learn it in a few months. The more you dive into the details, the more you will finally understand how much you actually don’t know. You have to learn the things that are essential for your work. After that, you should gradually expand your horizon!

Learn to Write Tests

You have to learn more about using testing libraries, automated testing tools, etc. This will surely make your work more effective. Testing is a very important tool that allows you to see what tasks you’ve done properly. On top of that, you’ll spend more time on development and less time on less important tasks. This also allows you to make sure that your newly developed options don’t break when you make some changes to your code.

Consider Learning More Programming Languages

If you wish to be a successful software developer, you have to keep track of the latest trends in this niche and broaden your outlook. When you start learning new programming languages, you’ll undoubtedly inspire new ideas, open up your perspective, and enhance your Android app development skills. Pay attention to this issue and make yourself learn a new programming language every year.

Improve Your Coding Standards

Want to earn more? You need to prove that you are an expert in the area of Android development. The fundamental reason to enhance your coding standards is to be a better developer. This will help you make sure that you and your colleagues understand the code.

Besides, you should also implement such architectures as MVP, MVC or Clean Architecture. It’s crucially important as it enables you to bring about much easier maintenance of code with the help of encapsulation, abstraction, or OOPs concepts.

Find out More about Java Design Patterns

The thing is that various design patterns can be a game-changer in programming. Coders frequently use such design patterns as Decorator, Factory, or Facade and you need to understand what they actually mean and why they are using these tools. Therefore, you should also learn more about using various design patterns, their benefits and disadvantages, etc. Make yourself learn three new design patterns every month until you learn all of them.

Following these recommendations, you’ll surely enhance your Android development skills and become a sought after developer. Convert all these tips into action right away!


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