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Aikido Pharma Shares Published Papers and Articles on KPC-34 and DHA-dFdC

Aikido Pharma Inc is a biotechnology development company working to develop a diverse portfolio of early and mid-stage small-molecule anti-cancer therapeutics. Our diverse pipeline of therapeutics includes therapies for prostate, pancreatic cancer, acute myeloid leukemia (AML), and acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL). Our prostate and pancreatic treatment has shown positive preclinical results. For more information, get in touch with Aikido Pharma Inc by calling us at 212-745-1373.  


Kucera Paper A novel phospholipid gemcitabine conjugate is able to bypass three drug-resistance mechanisms

Kucera Paper Lipid Nucleoside Conjugates for the Treatment of Cancer

Kucers & Pardee Paper Improving Nucleoside Analogs via Lipid Conjugation

Short Summary of KPC34

The Phospholipid Gemcitabine Conjugate, KPC34, is a Novel Treatment for Leukemia

Wake Forest School of Medicine Study Phospholipiddeoxycytidine analogue prodrugs for the treatment of cancer


Short-term Toxicity Study of DHA-dFdC

Study of DHA-dFdC

Synthesis and Cytotoxic Activity of Two Novel 1-Dodecylthio-2-decyloxypropyl-3-phosphatidic Acid Conjugates with Gemcitabine and Cytosine Arabinoside