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Shop The Best Delta 8 THC Products For Sale Online From The Delta 8 Shop

Looking to order high quality all natural Delta 8 THC products for sale online? Visit the Delta 8 shop to view our current inventory of vapes, gummies, honey, pre-rolls, and tinctures. We carry a variety of brands including our very own Delta 8 brand as well as C4, DeltaVera, Elyzr and Apis Mercantile. All of our products are all natural and are sourced directly from hemp.

Delta 8 THC is the newest and hottest hemp derivative on the market right now. Because of Delta 8 - THC's rise on the cannabis and marijuana market, many individuals, companies, entrepreneurs and businesses are pulling apart hemp and marijuana to create a myriad of new product lines with their own marketing angles and objectives.

You might be thinking that THC is federally illegal and illegal in most states? However,  the 2018 Farm Bill spells out why Delta 8 THC is legal. When this bill was signed into law in late 2018, it federally legalized all Hemp products which contain less than 0.3% Delta 9-THC (the illegal one). And with huge advances in Hemp science, scientists have figured out how to concentrate the Delta 8-THC content in Hemp while at the same time minimize the Delta 9-THC content to under the legal limit. This leaves us with a Hemp extract oil that is anywhere from 90%-98% pure Delta 8-THC, while keeping the Delta 9-THC percentage at essentially 0%.

Shop our great selection of premium Delta 8 THC products. All of our products are all natural and derived from 100% hemp. Check back frequently as we update and expand our product selection and inventory.