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Build An Ergonomic Workspace At Home With Products From Lavoro Design

Lavoro Design is dedicated to providing working individuals with high-quality office desks and supplies without compromising physical wellness. Their height adjustable standing desk is the perfect piece of furniture designed to keep productivity levels high and to keep users from experiencing back, neck and shoulders discomfort during work hours.

The Covid-19 crisis has forced many people to keep all activities limited inside their homes. Of course, including work. This may be difficult as people may now have to draw the line between their workspace and their area of relaxation. That is why if possible, it is best to obtain optimum office equipment such as desks to lessen disruptions during work hours. An adjustable desk might relieve aches and tension from sitting for extended periods.

One of the top picks from Lavoro Design is The Cromo dual motor desk. It has anti-collision motors and a telescopic central beam system that assures its sturdiness. Its height range or stroke starts with 640mm – a height that can accommodate people who are over 6 ft. – and can be adjusted up to 1,300mm. With a press of a button, its stroke can be adjusted – perfect for kids and those who are shorter, too.

Looking for a desk that can hold a personal computer or a printer? The Cromo Corner is an excellent product choice. It has an L-shaped frame and high-quality triple motor mechanism. This extends the workstation while still saving space. Its height can also be adjusted and has a load capacity of 160kg.

On the other hand, The Cromo Mini is perfect for people who only have very limited space but still wants to maximise their workspace to ensure that they experience little to no issues while working. It is 960mm wide and has side brackets. Similar to the other two variants, its stroke can be drawn out as well. Customers can choose from a wide range of colour selection, too.

Aside from workstations, Lavoro Design also offer storage units such as pedestal drawers and vault drawers. Available as well are cable management trays, pathway cable baskets, profile cable spines, monitor arms, and so much more.

Their reviews reflect how their products are considered among the best while keeping them at an affordable price range, as well. One furniture consultant said, “Lavoro created the perfect solution for our project, offering something that was unique in every way”.

Top-grade desk solutions and office supplies from Lavoro Design will make work-from-home setups much bearable and easier to manage. Visit for more details.

About Lavoro Design

Due to the pandemic brought by Covid-19, Lavoro Design assists office furniture retailers across Europe by providing desk supplies and installing them for customers. With years of experience in the office furniture building, they already have crafted different kinds of desk products with unique features and functionalities, whether for office, healthcare, industrial, or home use. This company also belongs to a group of distributors that is why they can ship orders on the same day all over the UK. For inquiries you may fill out their contact form at Alternatively, you can send them an email at or call 0330 133 1112 to talk to one of their customer representatives today.