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HessenLab call for entries in the fields film, art, VR/XR and games since June 1st 2021

Offenbach am Main, Hessen (findit ) June 8, 2021 - Since June 1st, the B3 Biennial of the Moving Image and HessenFilm & Medien GmbH launched a worldwide call for entries for HessenLab - an international training and mentoring program aimed at young professionals. The program is looking for outstanding projects and ideas in the fields of film, art, VR/XR and games.


After the call closes on 15 July 2021, a jury of experts will choose 25 international young professionals and their audiovisual project ideas. From 16 to 19 October 2021, these winners will be invited to an online mentoring and conference program.

All mentors are renowned professionals from the audiovisual creative industries. Internationally established funders, financiers and professionals from the media and creative industries will participate in the conference program teaching master classes, workshops, hosting think tanks, one-on-one meetings and networking events.

HessenLab, with its training and mentoring program, is part of the newly developed B3 Talent Forum which aims to foster long-term ties between professionals from the various media and creative industries on one side and emerging talent on the other side. It also aims to promote international exchange.

B3 Talent Forum - B3 (

About B3:

Since 2013, the B3 Biennial has determined the cross-genre and transnational discourse on trends and developments in the moving image in the thematic fields of film, art, games and XR/VR. National and international artists and media professionals speak out on the future of storytelling in the digital age.

The aim of B3 is, on the one hand, to create a broad interdisciplinary alliance for the moving image and, on the other hand, to offer the international cultural and creative industries a comprehensive platform for innovation and exchange. In the context of the major national and international film and media festivals, art biennials, technology congresses and trade fairs, it has thus acquired a special position, as it very successfully initiates a wide-ranging dialogue across sectors and genres.

As a cross-media moving image festival with film screenings, exhibitions, conference and workshop programmes, including competition formats, it addresses professionals from the creative and media industries, business, politics, science and the interested public as target groups.

The B3 has changing main themes (B3 Focus) to provide a framework for the content: Expanded Narration (2013), Expanded Senses (2015), On Desire (2017), Realities (2019), Truths (2020).

B3 is divided into the event formats festival (B3 exhibition, screenings, feature film series, short film series, conference programme, and campus/market (presentations, workshops, one-on-one meetings, pitchings).

The B3 honours established artists and young talents with the internationally renowned BEN Award. In the race for main and newcomer prizes are works by artists of the B3 Biennale who are particularly innovative in their use of new narrative techniques.

The B3 Biennial of the Moving Image is organized by the Offenbach School of Design (HfG). The B3 is supported by the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art (HMWK). The strategic partner of B3 is THE ARTS+.

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