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Goldman Small Cap Research Issues New Research Update on Global WholeHealth Partners Corporation

Goldman Small Cap Research, a stock market research firm specializing in the small cap and microcap sectors, announced today that it has released a new research update on Global WholeHealth Partners Corporation (OTC PINK:GWHP). GWHP is an emerging rapid diagnostic point-of-care (PoC) provider of test kits for hospitals, physicians' offices, and medical clinics in the US and abroad including kits for testing COVID-19. This update carries a price target. To view the new research update, previous reports, report, along with disclosures and disclaimers, or to download it in its entirety, please visit https://bit.ly/2TnxwWt.

GWHP is set to emerge as a key provider of COVID-19 diagnostics test kits, a multi-billion-dollar market. As part of the steps to reach this objective, the Company offers all of the formats for COVID-19 testing. GWHP has filed an Emergency Use Application (EUA) with the FDA for its rapid anti-body test with a response pending. In studies performed in 2020, GWHP's diagnostic test produced an accuracy rate of over 97%, prompting the Department of the Navy to place an order for 1000 kits.

In the Opportunity Research update, analyst Rob Goldman discusses the recent company events and the potential resultant impact on the Company.

Goldman noted, "GWHP recently filed an 8-K whereby it has been granted rights from Nunzia Pharmaceutical Inc. to distribute and sell the single dose Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. In our view, this high-profile event substantially raises the Company's status in the diagnostics space in general and the COVID-19 universe, in specific. The single dose nature of the vaccine has made this vaccine a popular choice in locales where dual doses are not a realistic option, which is a boon to GWHP, in our view.

"A new study released last week by Nature noted that the JNJ vaccine has high levels of protection from COVID-19 variants---the biggest current driver of new global COVID-19 cases. This news could prompt a migration toward the JNJ vaccine in large global markets, "commented Goldman." Separately, GWHP and AAJ have created an industry-leading set of diagnostics products for the Philippines and the surrounding Pacific Rim countries, where access to critical vaccines is low. The products to be delivered include the COVID-19 Antigen, COVID-19 Antibody, Dengue Fever, TB, Malaria, and Influenza A & B."

"We have extended our price target timeframe to 12-18 months, which is based on a typical industry P/E multiple of 20x our 2022E EPS estimates. Given the strength of GWHP's recent news, we believe these shares could enjoy a strong summer as JNJ sales commence," concluded Goldman.

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