Fairfax 6/17/2021 7:43:41 AM
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Virginia Fill Dirt Supplier Explains How Land Grading Helps Yard Drainage

Dirt Connections, a Virginia fill dirt supplier, recently created a blog explaining how land grading using fill dirt can help homeowners drain their yard. This affordable method of grading can be used for a multitude of outdoor projects, including ensuring proper drainage.

Land grading involves filling in parts of a yard or other outdoor space with dirt to make it all the same level. This is particularly important in areas that are prone to experiencing heavy rain or standing water. Avoiding water stagnation can eliminate pools of water that might otherwise flood your yard and home, causing damage to its foundation and requiring costly repairs. Pooled water is also a common breeding area for mosquitos, which can carry dangerous diseases and put your family's - and the neighborhood's - health at risk. Removing standing water from your yard is therefore an excellent way to maintain your home's safety and that of your family and friends.

Grading your yard with fill dirt is an affordable and easy do it yourself solution to improper drainage in your yard. Before beginning, take stock of your yard and remove or relocate any pipes, vents, or other elements that may be in the way. Find the point at which water begins to drain towards your house and where it collects, and mark these points. Establish a grading line, which will show you how much dirt you'll need to level the land, and order the necessary amount of fill dirt. Shovel the dirt into the lowest point marked to elevate it to the level of the highest point. Then, use a rake to smooth it out and tamper to pack it. Your grading is now complete, and water will flow away from your home during the next storm instead of collecting in standing pools throughout your yard.

Contact Dirt Connections for more detailed information about fill dirt delivery or land grading. Dirt Connections offers free fill dirt delivery and expert guidance for your home improvement projects, allowing you to connect with an experienced contractor for a free estimate before you begin work. The company is headquartered at 11325 Random Hills Road Suite 360, Fairfax, VA 22030 and can be contacted online at https://www.dirtconnections.com/ or by phone at 703-940-9949.