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Compare The Best Low Cost Car Insurance Rates in Alabama Online with Velox Insurance

Looking for ways to save money on your monthly auto insurance premiums or home owners insurance premiums? Alabama residents and property owners rely on Velox Insurance for competitively priced insurance that has the coverage they need at a price they can afford. Better yet, we make it so convenient for you to get insurance, simply start your search online and get rates and buy insurance in as little as 2 minutes. Compare the best low cost car insurance rates in Alabama and low cost homeowners insurance rates in Alabama online with Velox Insurance, call our friendly agents at 770-293-0623.

In 2003, we set out on a mission to change the way people search, compare and buy insurance. In 2007, we rebranded our business as Velox Insurance, establishing Velox Insurance Inc with the goal of providing competitive rates and superior customer service to meet insurance needs of our customers in the Southeast, and we now have numerous locations across Georgia and Florida but offer insurance coverage in nine states, including Alabama.

Velox Insurance in Alabama brings together the best coverage from Alabama’s top insurance carriers with the specialized customer experience people want. Your friendly insurance agent at Velox Insurance is ready to help you to get the best coverage at an affordable price on all your insurance needs. We have adopted state of the art technology that allows us to quickly compare multiple insurance rates in less than ten minutes. Whether you’re buying your first car or you’re a retired individual looking for cheap car insurance, we are here to help you choose the right insurance coverage that fits your needs.

To help you get going we offer various car insurance discounts like a good-student discount, marriage discount, paid in full discount, multi-vehicle and multi-product discounts, and so on. Our Alabama low cost car insurance agents are dedicated to finding you the perfect coverage at an affordable price.

Contact Velox Insurance today by calling our friendly agents at 770-293-0623. While we do not yet have a franchise in Alabama, our online portal and phone agents are ready to assist you with getting great insurance for your vehicle. For information about applying for a Velox Insurance Franchise in Alabama in your community, get in touch with us as well.