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Hidden Wearable GPS Trackers for Dementia Patients are Available from GTX Corp

Have a loved on in your family who is elderly, suffers from dementia, Alzheimer's or another memory impairment? Are you concerned that you may one day realize your loved one has “escaped” or wandered off, whether from your home, their home, or an assisted living facility. Even with fail-safes in place, these types of events happen each and every day across the US, so be prepared when it happens to you. Shop hidden wearable GPS trackers for elderly and those with memory impairment from GTX Corp, call 213-489-3019 for assistance with your order.

We have developed a couple of different devices that are perfect for ensuring your loved ones can be found. Our take-along mini GPS tracker is under 3 inches long, weighs less than 2.7 ounces and has up to a 14 day batter life. This tracker can have a geozone boundary setup that provides alerts when the user wanders outside of this “fence”. There is also an SOS location alert button and the device comes with a velcro loop push, keychain and lanyard for easy use.

We also have produced a more discreet device, the GPS SmartSole for those with severe memory impairment or Alzheimer’s that don’t want to become frustrated with wearing a device. The GPS SmartSole is placed within the sole of the shoe, for hidden use the user may not even be aware they have a tracker on them. Our GPS SmartSole® is a GPS tracker hidden and sealed within a water-resistant, trimmable shoe insert. Our 4G SmartSole model will be launching later this year. SmartSole must be charged every day, and requires service plan – all just like a smartphone- to automatically update its location on an online map. THE KEY ADVANTAGE: GPS SmartSole® is discreet and your loved one won’t forget to bring it with them.

Keep track of your loved ones with our hidden wearable safety technology. You might think your loved one(s) will not wander off, escape, or disappear, but when they do, be sure you are prepared. Even with failsafes in place at the home or assisted living facility, mistakes do happen. Have peace of mind with our hidden wearable GPS tracking devices, call 213-489-3019 today.