New York 7/9/2021 11:07:22 AM
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NYC Legionella Testing Company Explains Legionella Testing For Cooling Towers

Legionella Compliance Solutions has recently released a new educational resource that describes how legionella testing is completed for cooling towers. The new article focuses on explaining to those who need NYC cooling tower services how the process is typically completed and how the professionals carry out the testing. They hope this information will help readers understand how to properly complete the testing process and why it is important to work with experts.

Legionella Compliance offers readers some valuable information that can help them to better understand how testing is properly completed to ensure cooling towers are free of legionella. In the article, they begin by explaining how legionella affects cooling towers while also describing the details of legionella growth in moist areas. They go on to describe some of the most important steps in the cleaning process including understanding the visual aspects of your tower, keeping the building characteristics in mind, defining the search zone, understanding compliance & regulations, and more. Their team hopes that this information will help those who need water tower cleaning services understand how and why Legionella testing is so important to complete.

While this new article focuses on explaining the details surrounding legionella testing for cooling towers, Legionella Compliance Solutions' website provides visitors with more information regarding their team, experience, as well as a full list of service offerings. Legionella Compliance Solutions offers services that can help businesses ensure complete cooling tower regulatory compliance. Their company has vast experience and knowledge in water treatment, water systems and cooling towers in NYC, and they know what the DOH inspectors are looking for and what regulations require.

With the addition of this new article, the team at Legionella Solutions hopes that readers will have a deeper understanding of how legionella testing procedures work and the steps involved in the process.

For more information, contact the Legionella compliance experts today at (212) 729-9361 or visit their website at Their offices are located at 1460 Broadway in New York, NY 10036.