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Global WholeHealth Partners Focus Is On Improving Quality of Life with Accurate Test Results

Global WholeHealth Partners (OTC GWHP) understands the relevancy of rapid diagnostic test kits. With the recent pandemic of COVID-19 taking the world by surprise it is now imperative to provide accurate test results in a prompt manner. This is incredibly important to the wellbeing of individuals that are unsure of their current health condition.

At Global WholeHealth Partners, we provide a wide range of diagnostic testing kits that provide results in a timely manner. This is imperative for an individual who may be suffering from a particular illness that will now be able to be treated rapidly rather than waiting for a test to get sent out to a lab and possibly delay the treatment that is imperative for the individual to recover in a timely manner.

If you're an individual or a wholesale distributor of diagnostic test kits, please visit us at gwhcorp.com and view our extensive list of diagnostic test kits that are approved for sale in the USA, Over the Counter approved, FDA approved for global export and FDA approved.

About Global WholeHealth Partners Corp

GWHP develops, manufactures, and markets in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests for OTC, or consumer-use as well as professional rapid diagnostic point-of-care (POC) test kits for hospitals, physicians' offices, and medical clinics in the US and abroad. The Company has the capacity to deliver hundreds of thousands of tests, and can ramp up to 1 million tests per day and the Company presently has 56 products FDA approved and many are Approved for OTC use, and 9 POC products approved by the FDA, many of which are approved for OTC use, and 15 POC products approved by the CLIA WAIVED FDA.

For more information please go to: www.gwhpcorp.com

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