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Global WholeHealth Partners Continues To Provide PPE Products to Wholesale and Retail Customers

Global WholeHealth Partners, a leader in providing PPE products, is continuing to supply wholesalers with the products that they need to keep people safe during these incredibly trying times. While many states in the U.S. and Mexico have opened back up along with many countries throughout the world, the importance of safety moving forward has become imperative.

What once was overlooked is now a daily routine - people using sanitizer, people wearing masks, people wearing gloves and other forms of protection to avoid the possibility of becoming infected by someone that you may or may not even come in direct contact with.

Global WholeHealth Partners is here to provide you with the surgical three-ply disposable face masks, disposable CRE shoe covers, no touch infrared thermometers and disposable PVC gloves.

If you're a business or a wholesale distributor that is in need of PPE products to keep your staff, your workers, and your customers safe customers, visit gwhcorp.com/medical- supply.

For prompt customer service please call us at 714-392-9752. We understand the urgency of having these PPE products delivered when you need them. At Global WholeHealth Partners, we will do everything we can to deliver you the PPE products you need to be safer and more secure. Order wholesale PPE products by contacting us today for assistance.

About Global WholeHealth Partners Corp

GWHP develops, manufactures, and markets in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tests for OTC, or consumer-use as well as professional rapid diagnostic point-of-care (POC) test kits for hospitals, physicians' offices, and medical clinics in the US and abroad. The Company has the capacity to deliver hundreds of thousands of tests, and can ramp up to 1 million tests per day and the Company presently has 56 products FDA approved and many are Approved for OTC use, and 9 POC products approved by the FDA, many of which are approved for OTC use, and 15 POC products approved by the CLIA WAIVED FDA.

For more information please go to: www.gwhpcorp.com

Media: Charles Strongo 714-392-9752