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DeltaVera Provides Top of the Line Delta 8 Pre-Rolls through Our Online Store

While many customers that are looking for quality Delta 8 products, deltavera.com is the premier online store for Delta 8 pre rolls that can be delivered to your door within days. Our Delta 8 pre rolls are designed to provide our customers the highest quality D8 products on the market at affordable prices with convenient delivery.

In addition to Delta 8 pre rolls, DeltaVera also provides a product line that consists of Delta 8 gummies and D8 vape cartridges. With the landscape of Delta 8 becoming more and more competitive, deciding which company to go with can also bring some confusion to the customer.

At DeltaVera, we pride ourselves on transparency and quality along with availability. While many websites that sell products online only offer a contact form for you to send an email to when you have a question, on DeltaVera.com, we list our phone number on the top of each webpage which is 914-954-0163, we do this so that when a customer has a question or wants to find out more information about our Delta 8 products or DeltaVera they can contact us directly.

DeltaVera provides expertly crafted naturally hemp derived products for those looking for a premium transparent and sustainable solution. If this is you please visit deltavera.com and view our extensive product lists of DeltaVera pre-rolls gummies and vape cartridges. We offer free shipping on any orders over $100.00.

About Us

DeltaVera believes that Delta 8 THC can offer a safe, enjoyable and healthy experience.  These advantages make Delta 8 perfect for those looking for a brief respite from a busy schedule, for athletes and adventurers who are looking to make the most of their recovery, and for the artist inside all of us looking for a new perspective.

Our enthusiasm for Delta 8 THC inspired us to start DeltaVera with a mission to offer the best Delta 8 experience in the field.  Our products are sourced from the very best hemp farms in the United States, and are strictly tested to ensure accurate and reliable results.  They are then packaged in renewable and reusable containers, and are labeled with a QR code to ensure easy access to our test results.

We offer the best edibles and smokables in the industry to ensure that every THC user has the opportunity to enjoy this easy-going cannabinoid in whichever way they desire.  We strive to stay ahead of the curve to meet new, healthy and enjoyable innovations the moment they arrive.  Please look through our site to view our products, to learn more about Delta 8 THC, or to find a carrier of DeltaVera products near you.