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Classworx Will Promote Your Live Zoom Yoga Class Schedule When You Host Your Classes on ClassWorx

Classworx™, Inc. formerly known as Chill N Out Cryotherapy Inc. (OTC PINK:CHNO) a Virtual Directory for instructors, performers and hosts of virtual classes and events on Zoom, invites Yoga Studios and Instructors who provide Live Zoom Classes to create a profile on Classworx and receive marketing and advertising about your upcoming zoom classes through Classworx.

While many businesses have experienced lockdowns in the past year and with the upcoming possibility of certain protocols going back into place again, Classworx is offering all of its members, whether new or existing, marketing of their upcoming live zoom classes that they list in the ClassWorx directory.

Yoga studios and fitness studios can both join Classworx and link their zoom account and stripe merchant account to their Classworx account. Each studio can add the instructors that work for them and set up their individual profiles including their live zoom schedule. Studios that are offering both in person classes along with live zoom classes can list those classes along with the instructor in the Classworx Directory. Classworx will promote through online marketing and advertising your studio along with the instructor that's teaching the classes and the date and time of the classes. 

Classworx also provides individual instructors the opportunity to create their Classworx profile and list their live zoom events and link their individual zoom and stripe account so that they can receive payments directly as well as studio owners.

The Classworx dashboard allows for the studio owners to create their instructor pages with pictures, an about section, the language they teach in, their complete live zoom schedule, videos, and the location from where they're teaching from. The proceeds from each class goes into the studios stripe account if the instructors are registered with a studio, individual instructors receive their payments directly to their Stripe account as well. 

Studios and individuals have the option of how they want to offer classes to their attendees. They can either offer a single drop in price, they can offer a block of classes at a discount if they choose to, or they can offer a subscription base which is typically a set price per month and usually provides access to an unlimited amount of classes.

Classworx is looking to work with studio owners and individual instructors to help them promote their brand as well as their class schedule and the classes that they teach. 

Classworx understands that the past year has been very exhausting for some studios while many have gone completely out of business. We want to assist studios that are offering in person classes by assisting them in reaching new people that may not be local to the community or may in fact be local but haven't yet heard of them that now can attend the classes from wherever they are via zoom. 

Classworx is providing studio owners and instructors a central directory that will pull people in from around the world that can discover your studio, your instructors and the types of classes you teach.

Once you set up your Classworx listing and you've posted your upcoming live zoom schedule, please email peter@classworx.com with a link to your profile on Classworx and we will see that our marketing team begins the advertising and marketing campaign to highlight your profile and your upcoming classes. 

About Classworx, Inc. (formerly known as Chill N Out Cryotherapy, Inc.)
Chill N Out Cryotherapy, Inc. (OTC PINK:CHNO), a Delaware Corporation, owns and operates ClassWorx.com. Chill N Out Cryotherapy, Inc. currently trades on the OTC Pinks under the stock symbol CHNO. Classworx provides an internet-based, global network-directory of people offering Virtual classes or events utilizing video conferencing to remotely deliver individual or group instruction in a broad range of disciplines ('virtual classes'). The Company is based in the Atlanta, Georgia, area spans a global outreach through the worldwide web.

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