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New Mask Mandate Goes Into Effect For Large Outdoor Events in LA County As Delta Variant Surges Across the US

With the Delta Variant surging across the US, a new mask mandate has gone into effect in Los Angeles County. Anyone attending an outdoor ‘mega-event’ which is described as more than 10,000 people will be required to wear a face mask. Events may include but is not limited to: open-air concerts and baseball, football and soccer games.

The mask mandate went into effect at 11:59PM this past Thursday, requiring mask-wearing in such outdoor settings except when people are actively eating or drinking. This mandate goes into affect for all persons, regardless of vaccination status.

Prior to the mask mandate, outdoor events had previously been exempt from the mask-wearing mandates, which required face coverings in all indoor settings, regardless of vaccination status. Masks or face coverings are still required on public transit, at transit hubs such as airports and train stations, inside educational facilities and hospitals, as well as homeless shelters and correctional facilities.

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