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ACO Launches Adaptive Doubles: A New Points-Earning Division on the Season 19 Tour + World Championships

The American Cornhole Organization (ACO) is proud to unveil the ACO Adaptive Doubles, a groundbreaking points-earning division featured on the ACO Season 19 Tour and World Championships. This innovative addition is designed to provide an inclusive platform for all, with a focus on accessibility and competition for players with diverse abilities.

How to Start Playing: Become an ACO Adaptive Member for FREE this Season!

To kick off the inaugural Season 19, ACO invites all enthusiasts to join as an ACO Adaptive Member for FREE. The usual $25 membership fee is waived for this season. Simply click here and use the discount code "Adaptive" at checkout. Within 24 hours, members will receive their ACO Adaptive Membership Number and a warm welcome letter via email.

ACO Adaptive Membership Benefits:

  1. Participation in ACO Adaptive Doubles Division: Members have the exclusive opportunity to engage in the ACO Adaptive Doubles Division at designated ACO Majors throughout the Season.

  2. Eligibility for Trophies/Jerseys: ACO Adaptive Members are eligible to compete for prestigious trophies and jerseys in the Adaptive Doubles Division, showcasing their talent and achievement.

  3. ACO World Championships of Cornhole: Members can extend their passion for cornhole to the grand stage by participating in the ACO World Championships of Cornhole, competing in the Adaptive Doubles Division.

Points & Ranking:

  • Adaptive Doubles is a points-earning ACO Division.
  • The Adaptive Doubles will have its own ranking.
  • Up to 64 top-ranked teams are invited to compete at ACO World Championships of Cornhole.

Locations & Entry:

  • There are currently two ACO Majors for Season 19 which will hold Adaptive Doubles tournaments. Additional tournaments may be added as the Season progresses.
  • Entry Fee: $40 per team or $20 per player.

Rules & Format:

  • All rules are the same as regular ACO tournament play, with exceptions listed below:
    • Boards are positioned 25 feet apart (vs. 27 feet).
    • All players must compete from a wheelchair.
    • Players without a disability are welcome to compete but must also compete from a wheelchair (not a standard chair).
    • Wheels (at the point of contact with the floor) must stay behind the fault line (front edge of the board).

"We believe in the power of cornhole to bring people together, regardless of ability. The ACO Adaptive Doubles Division is a testament to our commitment to inclusivity and the celebration of diverse talents within the cornhole community," says Frank Geers, President at ACO.

Don't miss the chance to be a part of this historic season. Join the ACO Adaptive community today!

For more information, go to ACO Website: https://americancornhole.com/adaptive/

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