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ACO Expands Worldwide Reach Through Strategic Partnership for Global Cornhole Growth

The American Cornhole Organization (ACO), a leading authority on the sport of cornhole since its establishment in 2005 and headquartered in Camp Dennison, Ohio, proudly declares a strategic alliance with the United Kingdom Cornhole League (UKCL). This momentous partnership signifies a significant leap forward in advancing the growth and global development of the sport of cornhole.

Daniel Lilley, Founder and Commissioner of the UKCL, joins the ACO as the Director of ACO Europe. With a shared dedication to expanding and promoting cornhole, both organizations are poised to propel the sport to new heights and unite cornhole enthusiasts worldwide.

Frank Geers, Founder and President of the ACO, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “As the global governing body for cornhole, it is imperative that the ACO continues to champion the positive growth and spirit of the game internationally. The addition of Daniel and his UKCL team is a perfect stride in that direction. The UKCL has been instrumental in generating international interest in cornhole, and we anticipate harmonizing our passion for the game at both social and professional levels.”

The UKCL, a catalyst for significant global interest in cornhole, has played a pivotal role in expanding the sport's reach. The collaboration with the ACO signifies a shared vision of promoting and nurturing the sport and the communities it serves.

Daniel Lilley, hailing from Manchester, England, brings extensive experience from his successful sports background, including involvement in professional darts and formation of the We Love Cornhole products and apparel at the We Love Cornhole website . Lilley expressed his excitement about the appointment, stating, “Being appointed as the European director for this esteemed and long-standing organization is a significant achievement in our professional journey. This collaboration underscores the common goal shared by both organizations to promote and nurture our beloved sport and the communities we serve. It is a moment of pride for me to witness our family grow stronger.”

Geers reiterated the ACO's commitment to sportsmanship and standardized cornhole sport rules, stating, “The spotlight we shine on center courts worldwide will always be focused on sportsmanship and the standardized specs and rules we put in place nearly 20 years ago. Daniel and the UKCL represent the type of partnership we strive to cultivate to celebrate the sport. More big news is still to come.”

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About the American Cornhole Organization (ACO): The American Cornhole Organization (ACO) is the Worldwide Governing Body of the sport of cornhole since 2005. Headquartered in Camp Dennison, Ohio, the ACO is dedicated to promoting the growth and positive spirit of the game on a global scale.

About the United Kingdom Cornhole League (UKCL): The United Kingdom Cornhole League (UKCL) was established in July 2021 and has played a key role in fostering massive growth in international interest in cornhole. Based in the United Kingdom, the UKCL is committed to promoting and nurturing the sport and its vibrant communities.