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Structured Settlements Can Provide Financial Security

Structured settlements such as settlement payments, financial security, selling annuities, lump sum payment, annuity buyout and cash flow factoring are some of the structured settlement related articles at http://www.christianet.com/structuredsettlements/.

ChristiaNet.com (http://www.christianet.com), the world's largest Christian portal with twelve million monthly page loads, has just launched a directory of articles about structured settlements including settlement payments and lump sum payments. It is the goal of ChristiaNet to provide information to people about ways to help achieve financial security and independence after suffering with an injury. ChristiaNet's president, Bill Cooper says, "Structured settlements can provide benefits to injury victims by providing immediate access to money now and provide security for the future as well."  (http://www.christianet.com/structuredsettlements/)

Injury victims might want to consider getting a portion of a settlement as a lump sum payment but putting the rest of the money into an annuity that provides settlement payments for the next 20 years or so. Doing this will provide some financial security for the future when it is needed. Severe injuries that result in lifetime care can be a burden when there isn't a chance of returning to work but medical care will be needed on an ongoing basis. An annuity can provide a way for the injured to receive tax free payments to provide for future expenses. Cooper says, "Settlement payments can provide financial security by guaranteeing income for many years."

Winning a big lawsuit might sound great even when an injury has been sustained. However, temptation of having a large amount of money at once can prove difficult especially when trying to decide how to invest the money so that it will be there to take care of future medical bills and other expenses. Statistics show that nearly 90% of lump sum awards are usually exhausted or spent within 5 years of receiving them. 

To determine if a structured settlement is better than a lump sum payment award, the injured party should consider if their condition is going to result in a permanent disability. If the injury is severe and may shorten the life of the victim then will there be a need for the surviving spouse and children to have a monthly income? Also, ongoing medical expenses and rehabilitation or permanent care may have to be considered. An annuity will provide some relief towards these types of concerns.  For more information, visit: http://www.christianet.com/articles/

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