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Free Dating Sites Popular For Christian Singles According To ChristiaNet.com Poll

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ChristiaNet.com (http://www.christianet.com), the world's largest Christian portal with twelve million monthly page loads, asked readers to participate in a new survey by asking, "Should Christians use dating sites to find a spouse?" The majority of readers who participated in this survey felt that free dating sites for Christian singles are a popular place to meet a potential mate. One Believer showed his or her belief in God's sovereignty by sharing, "God can bring two people together any way He chooses so why limit Him?"
Out of 314 participants, 157 answered "yes" to the survey question. Believers in this survey seem to overall agree that God can bring two people together by using free dating sites. These sites provide a meeting place for those who might not ever meet any other way. Bill Cooper, President of ChristiaNet says, "Christian singles should choose a Christian site for meeting other Believers." One Believer said, "My husband and I met online and we've been together for 7 years."

Ninety-eight readers were unsure about meeting someone on the Internet. Many agree that it is important to ask the Lord for guidance and recognize that if it is God's will, it will happen. Christian singles shouldn't force the issue and jump into a relationship too quickly but should be patient and prayerful. One Believer wrote, "I think friendship should be a starting point for any relationship." Christians should rely on God's guidance and let Him be in charge." Many people put feet to their prayers because they are in a hurry but it is best to let things happen in God's timing. Believers need to trust in the Lord, and when the answer comes, there won't be any doubts.

Fifty-nine participants answered "no" to the survey question. The overall consensus with this group is one of concern. Many respondents in this group do not feel the Internet is a safe place to meet a potential spouse. One reader wrote, "No, absolutely not! There is no safe way to really know who you are hooking up with on the Internet." Do free dating sites harbor deceivers? Well, if this is true, the Internet is not the only place deceivers can be found; some attend church services.  For more information, visit: http://dating.christianet.com/

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