Detroit, Michigan 3/8/2010 11:45:08 AM
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Michigan Viral Marketing Company Pick Up Where DBusinss Leaves Off With Green Technology

Detroit marketing company leads Green Technology businesses to the web

Green technology has taken up the headlines in Dbusiness magazine recently with companies like DetailXperts. Green technology franchises have popped up in periodicals like USA Today. Green companies are going to continue to get picked up in magazines and newspapers and online web sites because it is spearheading a 124 billion dollar industry. There is nothing like it anywhere and it is showing no signs of stopping.

Online viral marketing companies like Michigan based – Eclyptico and Hot Metro Finds is picking up on that trend and illustrating the articles for online presence. “This is a very powerful way for companies to create more presence on the web” says viral
marketer Ted Cantu. “When this online videos first started to appear online companies did not take into consideration how powerful of a medium this could be. Now companies can show off their products online and control their own distribution. They can literally plant their videos in hot markets right online without having to pay for airtime fees. This is unprecedented.” Adds Cantu.

Picking up where traditional media leaves off is where Hot Metro Finds is good at. Magazines and newspapers are great for one audience. But online media and the business of creating online links is a completely different animal altogether. This allows a company to grow its aesthetic on the web and reach more niche markets over a short period of time. This type of marketing is definitely needed in a place like economically challenged Michigan.

“There are 60,000 searches a month for the term - Green Technology – and we are making sure that companies like
DetailXperts are utilizing the power of the web at its highest potential. It’s an exciting time to start a business in Michigan especially when you are using top search engine marketing.” Says Ted Cantu.  “We are creating a full circle of marketing that includes the print capacity as well as the online world. The result is astounding. We can push any kind of company in front of the right audience in under an hour. This was unheard of during the dot com era.”

Hot Metro Finds is based in Farmington Hills, Michigan and has pushed 50 plus industries on the web in its brief history. The group relies on web video and connecting businesses to their core audiences in short time. The group has created a web video site that features hot and upcoming businesses in Metro Detroit and is dedicated to rebuilding the economic landscape.