Chicago, Illinois 3/11/2010 10:30:45 PM
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Ted Cantu Ramps Up Green Technology In Detroit Michigan

Automotive Green Technology Franchise Teams Up WIth Marketing Legend

Innovative online marketer, Ted Cantu, has created an online traffic system for one of Detroit, Michigan’s hottest green franchises – Detailxperts. Cantu is known for his outrageous sales copy, web site traffic systems and unduplicatable high Google search engine results. He has combined his unique style of marketing with getting the word out to the masses and is helping this innovative green technology franchise on the web.

“We got the most powerful system in the universe” says Cantu. “The time to do something like this is now. Green technologies are red hot. We shot a talk show environment in my studio with the whole crew from Detailxperts instead of going into a traditional television talk show. We didn’t have to pay air time fees, we didn’t have to hire script writers, we did the entire thing ourselves. This is guerilla marketing at its finest – seriously. I recommend doing something like this if you really want to get the word out. Best of all, its fast!” says Ted Cantu.

Within 24 hours of releasing these popular videos there have been serious business inquiries about purchasing this green technology franchise. Hot Metro Finds and Cantu have reported that their client have received four requests for more information about their green franchise. But even more important is that this franchise was featured on USA Today and in Dbusiness Magazine as a result of their marketing efforts.

“Anyone who doesn’t do this is seriously nuts” says Cantu. “Never before has there been a time when you can create your own media and throw it out to the people who are searching for it. I see a lot of companies shy away from doing this because they are afraid of two things – confrontation and rejection. But you know you cannot serve everyone. That’s why you need to appeal to a niche group of people to buy your products and services”

Hot Metro Finds and Ted Cantu have created 40,000 links on the web for their very distinct list of clientele. We asked him what was next on his list of conquests. “For the last 2 decades we have watched MTV without the music. I am going to put the music back into MTV and sell it! We just worked out a deal with some of Metro Detroit’s hottest bands including The Ruiners and will be featuring them on the web in front of a wider audience. We’re excited” adds Cantu.

Indeed, it is time to get very excited. Ted Cantu and crew are creating real online environments where people want to buy goods and services and check out new business opportunities.