Las Vegas, Nevada 3/12/2010 11:49:06 AM
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Green Franchises Spring Up Encouraging New Economic Growth in Las Vegas

Green Clean Franchise Promises to Bring More Revenue To Sagging Las Vegas Economy

The 2010 winter season has started out quite rocky with its uncertain economic conditions. Michigan reported monumental job losses this quarter. Many people have left the state. Some economists say the number of people who are leaving totals around 20,000 a month while some experts say it’s a lot lower. In any case the current situation in Michigan is very tight. During this time of economic turmoil there seems to be a glimmer of hope in the horizon. It comes in the form of what Detroit was originally known for – the auto industry.

Detailxperts comes from the mean streets of Detroit, Michigan and it is creating a media revolution. This innovative company is changing the way we look at green technologies and the sagging automotive industry. Angela Williams and Emmanuel Williams have remodeled the car detailing industry and have turned it into a booming green clean franchise marketplace. To get this message across to the masses this green technology company turned to master marketers, Ted Cantu and Tracey Vitkay of Eclyptico and Hot Metro

“We put together some powerful new methods of advertising to get the word out to the people. We put together a talk show environment to get this product out for potential franchise buyers. We had 40 minutes of info-driven content to deliver to the people and best of all it was commercial free. We did not have to go through the infomercial route and spend all that money. Now we can plant our media in any area in the country. Its incredible.” Says online master marketer, Ted Cantu.

The group has planted media in Chicago and in Metro Detroit and are simultaneously dominating the web space on popular search engines including Yahoo, Bing and Google. Since the clips were released the green technology franchise has received four serious inquiries. Detailxperts and Hot Metro Finds are now releasing this automotive green clean technology to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ted Cantu explains, “I personally spend a lot of time in Vegas and have seen the needs of that city first hand. I can tell you that tourism was down 40% when I was there last. Most of the traffic that comes into the city usually happens around the weekends. They get a lot of travelers in from California for a three day weekend. The casinos and car lots can use this green clean technology as an add on service and literally double their income. This can seriously add a lot of bling to their customers lifestyle and self esteem.”

Cantu and Vitkay were brought in to spread the word about Detailxperts through viral online media, and web video. They have brought the company in front of the media circles online including USA Today and CBS Media. DetailXperts is selling their green technology across the country and showing their franchisees how to
get on the first page of Google in a matter of hours. They are also putting their franchisees in business in as little as 15 days. This green technology is going to do wonderful things for the city of Las Vegas and tourism.