Dallas 12/19/2007 7:57:56 AM
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Muslims Celebrating Eid (Eid ul Adha) in North America

Islamic Association of North Texas, Dallas Central Mosque announced Eid-Ul-Adha to take Place at Dallas Convention center, Downtown Dallas. Prayers start at 10:00 am sharp.

Dallas, Texas - Eid is like Christmas for Muslims, it is a religious festival, a celebration around the world. Eid ul Adha is one of the 2 Eids celebrated by Muslims every year. As an honor to Ibrahim’s (Abraham’s) willingness to sacrifice his son Ismael for Allah (God), but instead Allah sacrificed a lamb/goat.

Eid will begin with a short and quick prayer followed by a Khutba (speech). This Eid is also known for Bigger Eid because it lasts a day longer than first Eid (Eid ul-Fitar).

Eid ul Adha starts after the pilgrims are done with Hajj, it starts on the 10th day of Zul Hijjah. Muslims will celebrate around the world with colorful and festive clothes, bangles and sweet dishes of food. Happy Eid!

For more information related to Eid Prayers in Dallas visit: http://www.iant.com/

Islamic Association of North Texas, Dallas Central Mosque - For Muslims in other parts of North America visit. http://www.icna.org

Uzma Arshad - Staff Reporter for Wired Group