Arlington, Texas 1/23/2008 11:00:00 PM
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A Charity Solving Global Warming - UNBELIEVABLE! - A Charity Who Has No Expenses and Pays No Salaries - UNHEARDOF!

A Charity Who Uses Old Science Energy and Fuel - But With a New Science Means To Deliver Cheap - Clean and Safe Electricty - UNPRECEDENTED! - Plus a Chairty That Anyone Who Cares Can Join and Be Recorded As a Perpetual Friend - UNEQUALED!

ONEGIFT4POWER, a Texas non-profit  corporation is the charity than can do so much for so little!


They were given a FREE GIFT of Intellectual Property, and only have to raise a limited amount of funds to propagate it, introduce it, and complete the first of two I. R. S. approved charitable activities, “Scientific Research for the Public Good”!


Then, with their own Texas for-profit Marketing Corporation, CEDCO,  they then will reap the profits to complete their approved by the I. R. S.  second charitable activity, “Helping the Poor and Distressed”


The astounding thing about this entire scenario, is they have no expenses and pay no salaries, as Dante A. Donatelli Jr., President and gift giver, funds all activities and expenses, without pay, for the ONE TIME FUND DRIVE!


Another unbelievable thing is that the GIFT has the ability, believe it or not, to solve the Worlds problems with dirty air, energy costs and availability of cheap, safe and clean fuel!


But, one of the rarest things about ONEGIFT4POWER, they only need one time contributors, anyone who cares can join, with only one contribution,  never to be asked for another penny, and be a friend for eternity, plus one who can boast that THEY HELPED SAVE the WORLD and their name recorded as such!


By oneself, nothing can get done, but with ONEGIFT4POWER, the GIFT and those who JOIN,… the WORLD’S GLOBAL WARMING PROBLEM CAN BE SOLVED, and all who help can boast about it, as they will be recorded in perpetual history as such!


No other charity or organization in the World, can say these things.   NONE!  


Visit, for more details than anyone offers!