Washington, D.C. 3/29/2008 2:31:26 AM
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Some questions that 60 Minutes won’t be asking Al Gore about “global warming”

AL GORE, the King Canute of our age, is about to spend hundreds of millions of other people’s dollars on a “global warming” awareness campaign, says the Science and Public Policy Institute, which offers some questions that Gore’s fellow religionists at CBS won’t ask him on 60 Minutes, Sunday, March 30:


                  If you’re so confident we face a “climate crisis”, why do you only appear on shows like 60 Minutes, where tame journalists lob you pre-agreed softball questions? Why don’t you ever take unscripted questions from the audience when you appear in public for $250,000 speaking fees? Why don’t you dare to publicly debate Lord Monckton, who challenged you a year ago?


                  In 2005, in your movie, you said sea level is about to rise 20 feet. Do you seriously believe your own prediction? If so, why, also in 2005, did you buy a $4 million condo just feet from the ocean at Fishermen’s Wharf, San Francisco? Why are you out of line with the UN consensus that sea level might only rise 20 feet after several millennia, and even then largely from natural causes?


                  Why have you not corrected this and the other eight serious errors in your movie condemned by a UK High Court judge in the summer? He was right, wasn’t he, to rule that the “Armageddon scenario” you predict “is not based on any scientific view”? Your view is way beyond the scientific consensus, isn’t it?


                  Why do you say “global warming” is getting worse when in fact it has stopped; for ten years, average temperatures on Earth have not risen; and for seven years, the trend has been downward?


                  Do you agree with Rajendra Pachauri, chairman of the UN’s climate panel, who says it had better find out where it got its sums wrong? Or with Lord Lawson, the former UK Treasury secretary, who says the panel should be scrapped?


                  How much money have you made out of “global warming” since 2004? Doesn’t your “Armageddon scenario” constitute the and appearance and actual possibility of racketeering by peddling a false prospectus for your “Green” investment management corporation and your many other financial interests?


Says SPPI President, Robert Ferguson, “Those truly interested in learning the facts and science about Al Gore’s self-interested scare campaign, facts you won’t get on 60 Minutes, get Apocalypse? No!, the fast-paced, fact-filled feature-length movie that puts Al Gore in his place and the climate scare in perspective, at http://scienceandpublicpolicy.org/apocalypseno-dvd.html