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Lord Monckton Responds to Abraham Attack About Global Warming Science

Christopher Monckton has issued an extensive and detailed critique and refutation of a widely-circulated 83-minute personal attack on him by one J.P. Abraham, a lecturer in fluid mechanics at the University of St. Thomas, Minnesota.

Professor Abraham’s 83-minute lecture with 115 slides purported to demolish a talk about climate change that Lord Monckton had given in St. Paul, Minnesota, in October 2009. More than 2.5 million people have seen Monckton’s talk on YouTube, making it one of the most popular viewings on the web.

In June 2010, Abraham posted up an attack on the internet via the servers of the University of St. Thomas. Within a week, Monckton’s 84-page letter with its near-500 questions was in the Abraham’s hands, to which he has not responded as challenged.

Monckton publicly accuses Abraham of –

·         Ø  Bad faith in having “furtively” spent eight months preparing his savage personal attack behind Monckton’s back, entirely contrary to accepted academic practice;

·         Ø  Malice in having made dozens of serious allegations about Monckton when he knew the allegations he had made were false in every material particular, or had no reason to believe the allegations were true;

·         Ø  Appealing to a false authority on the subject of the climate that, as a lecturer in fluid mechanics, he did not possess (Monckton demonstrates Abraham appears at times incompetent even in arithmetic);

·         Ø  Academic dishonesty in having repeatedly made up statements that Monckton had not made, having put those statements to other scientists, having obtained hostile responses from those scientists, and having included those hostile responses in his attack as though they were responses to what Monckton had said; and

·         Ø  Lying repeatedly by misstating what Monckton had said and then attacking those misstatements; by falsely and repeatedly alleging that Monckton had misrepresented scientists’ results when Monckton had either accurately represented the results or not cited the scientists he was alleged to have misrepresented at all; by unjustifiably and repeatedly impugning Monckton’s integrity, qualifications, experience, and competence in a manner that he knew to be inaccurate; and by repeatedly taking Monckton’s words out of their context and making a wilful nonsense of them.

Monckton backs up his rebuttal with a wealth of detail.

The University of St. Thomas has refused a request by Monckton that it should take down the Abraham’s talk from its servers and has also refused to comply with its duty to investigate Monckton’s complaint about shoddy academic misconduct. Abraham and the University are half-heartedly attempting to characterize the issue as a mere “academic dispute”.

Lord Monckton serves as policy adviser and contributing author to the Science and Public Policy Institute, which has as a courtesy to him and interested readers made his response to Professor Abraham available on its main website [Scienceandpublicpolicy.org].

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